Streak of bad luck

Since we have moved to our own house two weeks ago, our luck has left us:
1. Our new fridge freezes in the upper compartment, it’ll need to be fixed or replaced
2. A piece of gas equipment has broken, leaving us without heating and hot water for a night
3. I have wrongly wired money to my account, so I lost some money (see here)
4. Our car broke down today (it needed a new generator, leaving us with $290 less)
5. The alarm system for the house has been acting up, so I disabled it, so someone will have to reprogram it

I think that’s kind of enough for 2017, if I can choose, I’d go for an easier rest of the year. Despite all these bad things happening, we’re still healthy (as far as we know) and nothing irreversible had happened – if I consider it from this point of view, I have nothing to complain about!


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