Managerial tasks

My manager has been away for three weeks. This left me as the person in command for everything related to our project. Unfortunately this didn’t get me out of my own tasks, leading to challenging weeks.

At the beginning, it was very overwhelming – I needed to run two sets of daily stand-up meetings, I had to answer almost all emails coming from our clients, I had to handle other client meetings, and -most importantly- I had to make a lot of steering decisions. My only issue with the latter is that I don’t feel that I have authority over things and people. Surprisingly I started to notice that team members (who are actually my peers, not subordinates) do require some form of “leading”. They had various questions on small things and a lot of times they felt lost without some guidance. I haven’t noticed before that we had to make so many decisions on various levels starting from Ux and minor code changes to actually setting future direction for many-many things. What I had found useful is getting into a system to handle all these separate threads of work. I started taking notes in all meetings, went over emails multiple times a day to make sure nothing is missed and eventually got the hang of things. It was a good, eye-opening experience. I also feel that I proved that I can handle these types of tasks as well. The only thing I’m not really sure if I actually want to in the future :)

I imagine my career more of as an architect/tech lead. I have no problem coding or managing people, but ideally I’d like to focus on bigger things related to technology.


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