Being the keeper of the fragile status quo

I’m not really sure why, but lately I’ve been finding myself in situations when I need to be very diplomatic and basically serve as the peace keeper. It might just be adult life, me maturing or just a coincidence, I don’t really know.

My manager has been on vacation for a week (and will be for another two), so I inherited all his responsibilities. This means that I need to find the balance between client requests and things that we as a project need to accomplish – these of course might not have direct impact on new features or bugs but will be beneficial in the long run. I need to drive the interaction between to more senior guys who basically can’t stand each other, because we need some bug fixes from them. I’m also responsible for keeping the team move without glitches; this means finding acceptable compromise for all members.

On top of the regular “work drama”, I’ve also found myself excusing some parts of my extended family to others. Trying to keep the peace and relative smoothness between my parents and in-laws plus wife and parents – giving it a little more thought, basically all the combinations that you can think of.

Maybe I just really grew up by now? Maybe before I didn’t really care for what people thought of others or how they felt? Anyways, I’m finding myself becoming more and more diplomatic. I also use this newly found ability to navigate storms to my advantage.

Does the fact that I only noticed this now mean that I’ve been so naive for not realizing this was such a huge part of life?


2 thoughts on “Being the keeper of the fragile status quo”

  1. Do you think that the status quo should be preserved even if it is having a negative impact on individuals? Fighting for the status quo means fighting for the absence of progress.


    1. I would definitely say that if it affects others negatively, it’s not worth it. So far to me it seems that it’s exactly the opposite. Also, it doesn’t necessarily mean keeping the status quo in all aspects. If it’s keeping the relationship between two people more stable, they could progress to a goal more easily, for example.

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