I envy C/C++ programmers a little

I have found this post on HN, and while I read through it, I had a strange thought. While I do coding professionally (aka do my job), I take care of much higher-level problems much more quickly (you could say in a bigger hurry). I realized that I envy people who can afford spending so much time and effort investigating and solving such a seemingly trivial problem. I’m not being condescending by all means here, I just find it interesting that some people has the blessing of actually handcrafting so little parts of a software system. I never get to spend a lot of time on such little pieces. Yes, I do optimize, I do try to be smart and there are times when I have the luxury of coding features for days uninterruptedly, but it’s usually not the case. I think about my code as a woodworking master who designs and creates furniture: I pay attention to little details, but use a lot of bigger pieces. Sometimes I miss playing with small Legos.


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